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MCCBeary’s 2011

May 11, 2011

Congratulations to Gustavo Magaña for being elected 2011-2012 MCC director and Leandra Ebreo for being elected 2011-2012 Associate Director. Good luck next year guys!


Diversity Leadership Conference & May MCC Events

May 11, 2011

Thanks to everyone who put energy into and helped out at the Diversity Leadership Conference. The event was covered in the San Jose Mercury News! The MCC E-board volunteered to help the conference run smoothly, and with help from the OML and the other contributing colleges, it was a great event!

As for upcoming events, make sure to check out the following:
5/13 Chinese Student Association (CSA) culture show Recital Hall, 7pm, tickets on sale now from CSA members, look for their table in Benson all week.

5/21 MCCBeary’s Locatelli, tickets on sale now in the MCC!

5/22 RLCA & Intandesh Co-Sponsor Holi

5/22 Transition All-Leaders Retreat (times TBA)

MCC Newsletters: Check them out on Benson Tables!

May 2, 2011

This week there will be two clubs featured in the Newsletter/Cultural Blurb display on Benson tables. You can check them out here, but look for them in Benson as well!

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association of SCU aims to not only promote diversity through education, but to also encourage an understanding of Chinese and Asian culture through social events, community service, and other interactive activities that we provide to the students of SCU and the community at large. CSA is all about community, culture, and food! Making or eating, Chinese culture encourages the joining of food and life. Our events  celebrate Chinese traditions through this avenue, as well as through other events  such as dumpling-making nights, Relay for Life, and our culture show on Friday, May 13. Everyone is welcome join us at our events and general meetings, which are on Mondays at 5:30PM in Shapell. 🙂


Fun Facts:

– China contains one-fifth of the world’s population; about 93% of the people are Han Chinese and the remainder is made up of 350 minority groups which have their own language, culture, and religion.

– Because it is considered disrespectful to stare into another person’s eyes, many Chinese will look towards the ground when greeting.

– Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture because its pronunciation sounds similar to the word “prosper” in Chinese. 

MEChA Cultural Blurb: Desert Deaths

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrations and revolutionists.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

500. Five hundred people have died in the past year attempting to cross the arid Arizona desert in hopes of improving their life; frustrated with the living conditions of their motherland. Thousands of people journey through hot, rugged, deadly desert terrain. MEChA recognizes that the immigration system in the U.S. is fragmented and changes have to be made. The most recent security policies that have increased funding towards border enforcement and internal apprehensions of undocumented immigrants have not had the desired results. More border patrol agents and a huge wall separating the US from Mexico have not stopped immigration. Immigrants persist because of the struggles they face at home. Working in the US for the same amount of time as working in Mexico earns a person 10 times more money on average. A more secure border just adds to the risk of crossing for immigrants and the policies have only added to the death toll. In 2009, the US government found 422 dead bodies in the desert, in 2010, 480, and in 2011, the numbers are continuing to increase. Do we want these horrible statistics to continue to escalate?

Info gathered from:

Global Village/Diversity Leadership Conference

April 28, 2011

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Global Village a HUGE success! Everyone put in a lot of hard work for this event this year, and it turned out great. There were great performances by Intandesh, Barkada, CSA, and all the other cultural clubs and over 30 vendors!  Thanks to E-board, Club boards, and all the people who attended for all your support! Check out The Santa Clara‘s story on 2010-2011 Global Village:

The MCC is wrapping up the month with our first ever Diversity Leadership Conference hosted by Santa Clara University and Co-sponsored by DeAnza College, SJSU and Stanford. It will be Saturday April 30th and will feature keynote speaker Jeff Chang who is the author of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and founding editor of ColorLines. It should be an event of epic proportions! Currently, there is only a waiting list for those who wish to attend. Please contact the Office of Multicultural Learning or Isabel Durón at for more information.


April 2, 2011

April is going to be a biiiiiig month for the MCC! We have tons of events going on this month, so make sure you make it out to at least one!

Here’s the rundown:

Saturday April 2nd is the CSO sponsored Broncos Giving Back 5k fun run! Join the MCC and other CSO’s for a quick run around SCU campus at 10am starting at Locatelli center. Admission is $5 and all proceeds will be donated to a local charity. Make sure to wear your “In Solidarity” shirt!

Sunday April 3rd is the opening day of Tunnel of Oppression in Locatelli. Be on the look out for MCC’s contribution to Tunnel of Oppression and Tunnel of Hope. The displays will be open to the public from 1pm-5pm everyday.  Also April 3rd is JSA’s Matsuri festival from 12-4pm so make sure to stop by for lots of food, and games!

Tuesday April 5th the MCC will be co-sponsoring a Law School information session at 4:30pm in Shapell Lounge.  A panel composed of Law school students from SCU Law school will discuss LSAT prep, tips and advice on how to get to the Law school that you want to go to, as well as answer any basic question about the whole process of applying and what life is like as a law student on a day to day basis. Pizza will be provided!

Saturday April 9th is MEChA’s Noche de Cultura in Locatelli. Admission is $8 but includes a full course, full service meal composed of Latin ethnic food and entertainment. Don’t miss out!

Thursday April 14th-Friday April 15th join us in helping out admissions with the annual Noche Latina/Sadie’s event.  High school students will be visiting SCU campus for a night to get a feel for college life. Club fair in Shapell will be hosted by the MCC clubs from 3:30-5pm, or you can volunteer to be a host student! Contact Luis Lecanda from admissions for more details.

Saturday April 16th is APSU’s culture show in Locatelli at 7pm. Admission is $5; it should be a great show so don’t miss out!

Sunday April 17th is the MCC’s annual Global Village! Come check out the festivities on the corner of Market and Alameda (the bend) from 12pm to 5pm. Plenty of food, games, activities, and entertainment all day long! Don’t miss it!

Saturday April 23rd is VSA’s culture show: “Children of the Sky” at 7pm in Mayer Theatre. Don’t miss out on this awesome performance.

Friday April 29th – Saturday April 30th Barkada will be presenting its culture show, Pilipino Culture Night, in Mayer Theatre at 7pm both days.  Ticket prices are $11 the week of and $12 at the door, but don’t miss this show! Saturday April 30th is also the Diversity Leadership Conference put on by the MCC and the Office for Multicultural Learning.  Admission to the conference is $10 and the day begins at 8am and goes until 5pm.  University students from around the Bay Area will be attending and presenting. Don’t miss out on this event!

Make sure to add us on facebook so you can keep up with events for the month, and check back throughout the month for more updates!


New Feature: Weekly MCC Newsletter’s on Benson Tables

March 9, 2011

The MCC has recently been in the process of putting together newsletters from each of our individual clubs to be featured in the displays on Benson tables.

If you missed the last newsletter featuring Barkada’s information on Filipino Veteranos you can read it here:




Barkada of SCU and the MCC would like you to know about…

Veteranos are Filipino soldiers who fought in the Philippines in World War II under the command of the United States military against the Japanese. The US enlisted the service of over 250,000 Filipinos during the war in the Pacific. Today, 6,000 Filipino WWII veterans live in America.

The Veteranos and the Philippines were the only group of soldiers allied with the United States during WWII to not receive full equity and benefits, due to the passing of the Rescission Act of 1946. The veteranos were able to claim a small victory with the passing of President Obama’s stimulus package. Through the support of Hawaiian Senator Daniel K. Inouye, a provision was attached to the stimulus package that would provide for the payment of a lump sum of $15,000 to Filipino veterans who are American citizens and $9000 to those who are not. However, the provision included a clause that stated that if the veteranos were to accept their lump sum payment, they would no longer be owed anything by the United States and thus never receive full veteran benefits and status.


Special Announcement: Save Caltrain!

March 2, 2011

Join the MCC and other CSO’s on campus to help save the Caltrain stop in front of Santa Clara University. If you missed the article in last week’s paper on proposed cuts to Caltrain routes/stops check it out here:

To sign the petition to keep the Caltrain stop in Santa Clara, or for options on how to get more involved, check out the facebook page:

Thanks for your support!